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X-Men Evolution Fanfic Jean Grey/Angel The Lost Mountain Chapter 22

The Lost Mountain, Chapter 22 – Project Archangel
Claremonty Rated T (13+)

X-Men Evolution, Post-Apocalypse Continuation, Action/Adventure/Romance, Jean Grey/Warren Worthington III (Angel). Also featuring Domino, Lance Alvers (Avalanche), Rogue, Logan (Wolverine), Remy LeBeau (Gambit), Ororo Munroe (Storm), Scott Summers (Cyclops), Professor Xavier, Beast and others...

Josh’s tone deepened.  “I peeked at the agenda for today’s meeting a couple of minutes ago.  The main topic is something called ‘Project Archangel.’”

“That’s interesting.  A mutant named Domino was telling me about Project Archangel at the Hellfire Club.  She said it’s a new Sentinel that’s modeled after small aircraft.  They can do the job without making a mess, supposedly,” Warren responded.

“They’ve scheduled a major publicity event for Monday morning in Times Square,” Josh went on, “and there’s going to be a demonstration.”

Instantly Warren saw his father’s priorities in vivid Technicolor.  “So, that’s why he’s here – to introduce your friendly neighborhood Archangel Sentinel.  I’m only a minor complication.”

Josh jumped on Angel’s last sentence.  “Let’s escalate that complication.  Warren, it’s time you became a serious threat.”

DISCLAIMER: I do not own X-Men or X-Men Evolution. Marvel owns these properties and all the X-Men characters.
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