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Join the facebook group to save Wolverine and The X-Men

In case anyone here is unaware, the wonderful animated show Wolverine and the X-Men is being threatened with cancellation.

Wolverine and the X-Men, IMHO, is one of the best properties Marvel has right now, certainly in terms of great story-telling and sophisticated character and plot development.  X3 and the horrible Origins:Wolverine films are examples of how the great legacy of X-Men comics can be wasted - brain dead titles produced too quickly by no talent hacks who are simply exploiting the material.

The writers and producers did remarkable work on this show.  They created amazing action sequences.  They artfully interwove three major plot lines and at least five or six subplots over 26 episodes, culminating in the best finale to any animated series I have ever seen (anime included).
Please join the facebook group 1,000 to save WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN.  It's our last hope.

Sadly :(

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